A Frenchman, A Spanish Dude, and Two Singaporean Guys walk into a club…

After more than a week of trying to self medicate my cough, I decided to throw in the towel and see a doctor.

I was so close to the end of the tunnel though. I could see the light of health on the other side. Finally,  I can go back to being a gymhead and lift heavy things up and put them down. Finally, I can go back to subjecting myself to the mind-numbingly and torturous routine of dragonboating.

But it was not to be. My descent into the pit of sickness was not over.

A flu brought me down.



The doctor asked if I wanted some of my medication to be of the slightly drowsy kind.

I was like, hell yeah, I need those. I need my sleep after hacking out cough after cough through the night.

Okay I didn’t say hell yeah. But I gave her the affirmative that drowsy medication is the way to go.

Unfortunately IT’S NOT WORKING ON ME. I took those medication 2 hours ago and I’m still wide awake. WHAT THE FUCK, THIS IS FALSE ADVERTISING.

Talking about advertising, what happens when a Frenchman, a Spanish dude and two Singapore guys walk into a club?

Take a guess before you scroll down.

















Have you guess yet?

Keep scrolling.






















Almost there.






You got this.


























Nothing happens.

Cause they’re all from the social media team busy with social media stuff.

As one of my colleagues love to say: “We’re from social media but yet we’re anti-social.”

Wiser words have never been spoken.

Now I’m gonna watch stupid shit on YouTube.



I realised I haven’t been sharing music videos I’ve watched. So here’s a blast from the past. The Taiwanese singer/rapper is called Ah Liang. I can’t remember the girl’s name but she was a popular Taiwanese singer/actress. Don’t ask me what the song is about. I don’t understand Chinese. Seriously, did you not read the About Me section?

Enjoy the shitty compression.