Status Update: Part 3 of Religion, Donation, and Alleged Corruption

Apologies for the long delay in getting out Part 3. I was under the weather for the past few days. Part 3 will definitely be out by tomorrow.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of me trying to retain my body heat:


2 thoughts on “Status Update: Part 3 of Religion, Donation, and Alleged Corruption

  1. Love your writings on CHC. Keep it up!

    With regards to your comment: “To be fair to City Harvest, the critics tend to forgot that the church does run numerous missionary and humanitarian projects in Singapore and overseas.”

    How do you know this? I have also seen the CHC videos which look nothing less than impressive. However, when digging deeper, I can find very little of CHC missionary and humanitarian projects which have not been reported by CHC itself.

    The community services arm of the CHC, as listed on chc,, is CHC community services (CHCSA CHCSA actually does publish a financial statement (see here: Here you can see, not taking into account the 2009/2010 overlap, that CHCSA spent 411k SGD on combined local and overseas charities.
    Are you sure CHC spends any money on humanitarian projects? Where is the proof? With CityCare???

    When you check out the calendar on CityCare, you will find very few (less than 20) activities since its inception in 2007. The same stories and pictures are repeated over and over again.
    Again, where is the proof of all this humanitarian support? The CHC produced videos???

    Never mind who funded what…Did you ind any schools and/or shelters actually built by Sun Ho in Taiwan??? I did not. All I found was that Sun Ho’s wiki page mentions 5 schools in Taiwan, yet without any names, addresses, let alone funding.
    Again, where is the proof of all this humanitarian support????

    How does CHC proof that Cross-over was a success??? In there own publications, CHC claim that out of 500,000 visitors to Sun Ho’s concerts, 145,000 people saved? What does this mean? How does CHC count these 145,000? Did Sun pop the question, and 145,000 raised their hand? Did all become CHC member? Hardly since member count set at 30,000. (Will not even ask how they counted the 30,000)

    Sad part is that I am a Christian myself. And I find myself praying hard for some justice. Many vulnerable, young CHC members with the best intentions have been manipulated, as you so well documented in your blog. What is the effect of all this on the lives of these young people?

    With the catholic priest receiving 7.5 years for criminal breach of trust (5.1 Million SGD misused), will Kong get the deserved 10-fold?

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