Suiting Up the Problem And Please RSVP.

I have been back in Singapore for almost two and half days now.

I’m bored, my friends are either working, in the army or in school. I want to go back to Sydney where I can do something productive, like working a high paying part-time work, reading, slacking and enjoying Sydney’s spring weather.

That’s one thing about studying in an Australian university. When you are out enjoying your 3 months “summer” holiday, majority of the people are following the Northern Hemisphere (UK, US) calender and have only 1 month or 3 weeks of winter holiday.

So I’m out in Singapore slacking my ass off when my friends are studying/working their ass off.

But its December now, shouldn’t people be relaxing?

Or maybe I should actually start calling my Singaporean friends cause they have no idea that I’m back in Singapore.

But there is no time to commiserate. I have an urgent problem that requires to be solved.

I have a cousin’s wedding to attend this Saturday.

I still have not got a suit.

Nor shoes.

Nor shirt.

Actually, I do have a suit and it is a tailor-made/custom-made/bespoken suit. But it was tailored for me when I was 17 for my graduation and prom night. At that point in my life, I was a skinny little runt. I’m not sure if I can still fit into that suit without splitting the seams.

The only thing I have is a tie. A pink, silk tie that my aunt bought for me to wear to the wedding. My cousin asked if my brother and I could wear pink ties and we both agreed. It is her wedding after all.

I was planning on getting a grey suit with a white or off-white shirt with French cuffs. But with my cousin asking me to wear a pink tie, I’m not sure if I can pull off the ensemble. I’m not even sure if I can wear a grey suit in the first place.

And then there’s the shoes. I know I’ll be getting black shoes. But should they be laced, slip-ons or buckled? I prefer the latter two because after two years of wearing black, laced shoes as an air force clerk, I’m a bit put off with those shoes. Besides, slip-ons and buckle shoes look sleek and fuss-free. Something I like.

I know what’s my style like: sleek, slightly classic with a touch of outrageous element. The outrageous element will be either my new black, wool fedora or my blue, polka dotted head scarf (don’t ask).

You see, the problem is not that I have no idea what to wear. I know what I want to wear, right down to the details. The problem is the actual shopping and hunting for the clothes. You see, when it comes to shopping, I’m very, very methodical and particular about getting the items. I compared the details, the fabric and design and what-nots from shop to shop and clothes to clothes. Very, bloody, anal-retentive.

I remembered I was shopping for a hat and one of my friend, Sharmen, decided to tag along because he wanted to get a hat too. Let just say I dragged him around from shop to shop for two hours before going back to the first shop to get the hat I wanted. In the process, Sharmen almost garroted me.

But I’ve been feeling lazy and can’t be bothered to go out and shop for my suit. I’m actually considering to just buy a shirt and squeeze myself into my old suit and hope for the best.

But then I want a grey suit.

So maybe I should go shopping.

Shit, even this entry sounds boring. That’s how bored and lazy I am now.

So, to my very, few readers out there: Should I wear a classic, black suit or just go for the grey suit?

And recommend me some places where I can get suits. My budget is around $200 for a suit. Just the suit.

The wedding’s in 4 days, so RSVP.

P.S. FUCK! The text and image layout is still screwed up.

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