On Hiatus.

I will be on hiatus from my blog for some indefinite time. I’m not sure how long it will be, probably a week, two weeks, a month or two, but I’ll definitely start blogging again.

The reason for this hiatus is writing exhaustion. First off, I’m not the kind of writer that can blog about every single details in my life. It’s exhausting for me and its boring for you, the readers. Would you like to read the same shit again and again?

I’m more of quality over quantity person. So I don’t care if my blog have very few posts as long as the posts are interesting.

Trust me, I am working on a few long overdue posts and just a quick peek, they are: my trip to Blue Mountains, my journey through Movember, my cousin’s wedding and ZoukOut. And some post regarding a bank interrogation.

The second reason is that I’m currently working on a short story. I’m writing for a school Writer’s Society’s Literary Magazine and its my first ‘proper’ writing endeavor since ThearteWorks’ 24 Hours Playwriting Competition in August 2008. I haven’t been writing much (I was very profilic in my tweens but got lazy.) and I’m trying to get my groove back.

The third reason is that I’ll be away for much of December. I’m going away on two trips so I’ll have less time to blog. But at least I’ll have more interesting stuff to write about. So its a win-win situation for you and me.

So just check back on my blog every now and then for new updates.

And while you’re at it, leave some comments.

And find something else to entertain yourself.

I’ve recently became a fan of Trance music since ZoukOut. Thanks to my friends and of course, the DJ Armin van Buuren, I’ve been listening to Trance music the past few days. I’ve never knew why people like Trance music until my baptism of fire at ZoukOut under Armin.

So here’s a Trance music to entertain you guys. This music is considered Hard Trance and listening to the bass and beats is awesome. Warning: your eardrums might burst.

For those of you who are wondering what ZoukOut is, it is an annual music festival held in Singapore. It’s organized by a Singaporean club called Zouk and the festival is held at the Siloso Beach in Sentosa, hence the name ZoukOut. This year was my second time at ZoukOut and it was way, way better than my first time. You can check out their website @ http://www.zoukout.com/

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