Body Clock

I want to blog about my trip to Blue Mountains. I want to blog about my facial hair journey through the month of Movember.

But I CAN’T.

I’m not sure if its WordPress or my blog screwing up my blog layout but as far as I know, my previous entries have been fine. So I’m not sure what’s with the screw up now. Each time I upload a couple of pictures onto a new entry, they appear all jumbled up and without order on the blog.

It’s frustrating. These two entries have loads of pictures and of course, loads of my own random commentary. Not being able to post them up is like having to hold back my own orgasm. Twice.

But I digress.

Anyway, I had a chat with a friend of mine on MSN. After spending hours of futile effort in fixing up the previous entries I mentioned, I decided to take a break when I saw my friend online on MSN.

I knew he was flying back to Singapore the next day (which is today) so I opened up a chat window and asked him what time was his flight.

The next few minutes involved us speaking about the most random thing.

And me committing a big boo boo.

Zareth says: (11:51:56 PM)

what time’s ur flight?

b says: (11:52:51 PM)


Zareth says: (11:53:00 PM)


Zareth says: (11:53:55 PM)


Zareth says: (11:53:56 PM)


Zareth says: (11:54:01 PM)

you’re not high right?

B decided to answer my reply with “5555“. Obviously I have to ask what the hell that means and of course, asking if he still have his sanity intact.

I would like to paste a snapshot of the conversation but like I said, I can’t put text and pictures together or else they would appear all jumbled up. Fucking irritating.

Anyway, B replied:

b says: (11:56:44 PM)


b says: (11:56:46 PM)


Then we started talking about random shit like how he recently moved to his new place and something about Hamilton Island. Of course, I still did not what time his flight was. So I asked again:

Zareth says: (11:58:02 PM)

haha, what’s time ur flight? afternoon?

b says: (11:58:42 PM)

yeh man

b says: (11:58:43 PM)


b says: (11:58:50 PM)

u asked that twice haha

Zareth says: (11:59:00 PM)

you said 555555 the first time

Zareth says: (11:59:05 PM)

lol, it can mean 5am

Zareth says: (11:59:16 PM)

or some code or your flight number

Zareth says: (12:00:22 AM)

that mean’s you reach singapore around 1am?

So B flights leaves around 5pm. Since the flight takes about 7 to 8 hours to reach Singapore, he would reach there around 1am, amiright?

Apparently not.

b says: (12:10:39 AM)


b says: (12:10:39 AM)


b says: (12:10:39 AM)


b says: (12:10:44 AM)

i reach sing at like 9:30

b says: (12:10:45 AM)


b says: (12:10:46 AM)


But I then ask another question, like the stupid idiot I am:

Zareth says: (12:11:50 AM)

4 1/2 hours only?

b says: (12:11:59 AM)


b says: (12:12:05 AM)


Zareth says: (12:12:07 AM)

the flight

b says: (12:12:10 AM)

sing time is 3hrd behind

I thought his flight would only take 4 1/2 hours. Actually, it would still take 7 to 8 hours, but since he’s landing in Singapore and it being 3 hours behind Australia, he will land around 9:30pm.

Damn it, I feel so fucking pai seh (Hokkien for embarrassed).

I mean, I should have factored in time difference when calculating the time B will reach Singapore.

And this is coming from a person who travels around frequently.

So I replied:

Zareth says: (12:12:21 AM)

oops, i forogt

Zareth says: (12:12:22 AM)


b says: (12:12:24 AM)


So my screw up resolved, we moved on to another topic.

Zareth says: (12:12:49 AM)

damn, our body clock is going to be slightly screwed up when we go back

b says: (12:13:34 AM)

haha i mien aleardy is

b says: (12:14:03 AM)

i fkin been drinkin every nite for the past 2 weeks…get home in the morning…sleeepp and then drink again at nite

b says: (12:14:04 AM)


Zareth says: (12:14:14 AM)


b says: (12:14:18 AM)

body clock non eistent

Looks like someone needs to lay off the booze for awhile.

I have a non-existent body clock and sleeping pattern too. Usually, I would go to bed around 5am and wake up around 11am or 12pm. This means that in Singapore, I would go to bed around 2am and wake up around 8am or 9am. Not bad, not bad.

But still nowhere near as bad as B.

Anyway, song of the day:

This is from the movie Sex Drive soundtrack. I find the chorus simple and just pure awesome. I’m always singing along with it. You should watch Sex Drive too. Just because.

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