Cursing and spitting on a dead man’s grave in front of his friend.

Dear Menj,

I saw your three comments on three different posts of mine. It was dated 21st July 2011. I was notified of your comments through my email but I could not be bothered to check them out. At that point of time, I was suffering from blogging overdose and decided to take another short hiatus.

I decided to check my blog today. While I was going through my blog, I saw your comments and decided to read them.

I appreciate your two other comments, the second comment where you corrected my Bahasa Malaysian spelling of ‘hantu’. and the last comment where you mentioned ‘La La Land’. I’m not sure what your last comment really meant though. Are you calling Singapore the ‘la-la land’ or is it Malaysia? Reading your blog, I must draw the conclusion that you’re referring to Singapore as the ‘la-la land’. Or I could be wrong, you could be referring to Malaysia.

But this is not about Singapore’s or Malaysia’s development progress. Neither is this about Bahasa Malaysian. This is about your virginal comment, Menj.

I have to say, Menj, I was and still am, fucking angry at your virginal comment on my blog.

I don’t know how you found my blog. But let me guess this is how it went. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

One day, you woke up in a bad mood. Perhaps you stepped out of the wrong side of the bed or you just felt moody. It was just one of those things that had no explanations. You just woke up feeling like shit and you will feel like shit for the rest of the day.

Stumbling to the toilet, you tried shaking off the last vestiges of sleep from you mind and ended up banging your head against the medical cabinet. Ouch. The second injustice of the day. But you decided to shoulder on, you brave soldier, you. So you picked up your toothbrush and proceeded to pour mouthwash on it.

Damn, today’s really not looking too great for you.

After surviving the mild cruelties of your morning wash up, you decided to leave the house in search of some teh terik and maybe some beef murtabak to soothe your moodiness and hurt feelings. So you went to your favourite mamak stall only to find that the hawker was not there. In his place was his young, inexperienced assistant.

Unable to tolerate the increasing pangs of hunger, you ordered the food and drink from the young assistant. The tea was not pulled enough and the beef murtabak, rubbery and cold. But somehow, you managed to choke them down.

When you finally reached home three hours later than usual after getting caught in the peak morning traffic, you’re exhausted. And the day is not even halfway done.

The day passed uneventfully. You spent time updating your blog, managing your SEO company and updating yourself on current affairs in Malaysia and around the world. Yet, you still could not shake off that sense of dread and moodiness.

Day turned into night. You skipped lunch and you plan on skipping dinner because of your lack of appetite. But for every second, every minute, every hour you let your stomach go hungry, the ball of bitterness and hatred in you starts feeding off your gastric juice and begins growing.

Didn’t you know that a hungry man is an angry man?

It wells up to the point where it presses on your diaphragm, so you can’t breathe properly. Since you can’t breathe properly, there’s a lack of oxygen supply to your brain, which of course, means you can’t think clearly.

It was a cascade of bitterness triggered by the bad start you had earlier in the morning. And it was just ‘one of those days’.

In the midst of all this bitterness and moodiness, one enemy appeared in your mind. You became so fixated on him that you went to Google and typed down ‘Rajan Rishyakaran’. I guess my blog was in the top 5 results.

After reading my obituary, you felt satisfied that he was not around to question your authoritative opinions. After all, it’s just a numbers game for you. It’s one less person going against your supposed ‘superior opinions’. Never mind the fact that Rajan died in a car accident nearly two years ago. You just can’t let it go.

Anyway, you commented on my obituary with:

“Good riddance to bad rubbish”.

I have to admit, I chuckled a bit because for some reason, it reminded me of PAP’s (Singapore ruling party) ‘good opposition’ and ‘bad opposition’. Good opposition are those who toe the line, bad ones are those who don’t. So it seems that Rajan falls in the latter. He doesn’t toe your imaginary line. So you take offense at that.

After writing that comment, it must have made you feel so much better because the other two comments on my blog was very mild.

Hmm, well, fuck you.

I don’t care if you had a bad day. I don’t care if you and Rajan were mortal enemies on the Malaysian blogosphere arguing about politics and religion. I don’t care if you swore you will be enemies with Rajan till eternity or whenever the fuck God/Allah/Big Deity ends the entire current reality (including heaven, earth and hell).

But, what I care is that you wrote a fucking insensitive comment on MY blog. On MY obituary to him.

Feels good, doesn’t it? Cursing and spitting on a dead man’s grave in front of his friend.

I’m not taking your comment down. I’m going to leave it there to show your insensitive, pig-headed, fuckwit comment to the entire world. Whatever credibility you have, you’ve just shredded it into tatters.

Grow up, Menj.

Good morning, and good luck,


P.S.: Menj’s comment on my obituary.

3 thoughts on “Cursing and spitting on a dead man’s grave in front of his friend.

  1. I’m not going to bother justifying my comments to you, nor am I bothered to show any “respect” to your dead friend, since he never showed me any while he is alive. While what happened to him was regrettable (and it is not something I’d wish on anyone), his pro-Zionist, anti-Islam attitude is not going to gain any sympathies from me at all.

    So yes, the “good riddance to bad rubbish” comment still stands. But despite your uncouth manners towards me, I do wish you well because I do not know you and I think it was a great misfortune for you to be best friends with someone who was clearly someone not fit to be in any multicultural society.

    – MENJ

    • Hey Menj, I thank you for your well wishes.

      I would like to point out that within your first paragraph, you’ve more or less justified your comment by stating my friend demonstrated pro-Zionist and anti-Islam attitude and did not show you any respect while he was alive.

      Those are your sentiments. I obviously cannot change them. I do not have any right to do so since I do not know the actual relationship between you and Rajan, neither, as you said, do you and I know each other at all.

      Was I uncouth in my language in my post to you? Yes, I was. Are you upset? I sincerely apologize to you then. Were you uncouth in your message in your comment to my obituary? Yes, you were. Was I upset? Yes, I was. Did you apologize? No, you said you weren’t going to justified your comment. Fair enough, like I said, you have your sentiments about Rajan, I have mine.

      But do I regret having a best friend who was, in your opinion, ‘clearly someone not fit to be in any multicultural society’? No I don’t.

      Well wishes,

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