Rally Video for SBA 2011

This will be my last post on asking readers to vote for me in the Best What-The-Hell category in the Singapore Blog Awards 2011.

Last post, promise.

Anyway, about two weeks back, I received an email from omy.sg, the media company organizing the SBA 2011. I was asked to send a video to them for two purposes:

  1. Advertise my blog in the SBA 2011 to raise my blog’s profile.
  2. Rally votes from readers.

In the video, I had to prepare a two minutes rally speech, describing myself, my passion for blogging and last but not least, why people should vote for me.

Pretty simple, right?

The only problem is that I know I don’t have the looks, charm and deep, gravelly voice to convey my sincerity to the people watching my video.

So I decided to do a stop motion film.

I did the stop motion film over two days and sent it to omy.sg. So far, they have not put up my video yet. So I decided to go ahead and put it up on YouTube.

The result is this:





I know the film looks pretty crappy, it was the first time I did a stop motion film.

I think I took slightly more than a thousand pictures just for a 2 minutes film. I now have a lot of respect for people who churn out quality stop motion film. Doing one takes a lot of patience, perseverance and more patience. I almost gave up halfway until my housemate took some time-off from her studying and helped me out with the second part.

So now you’ve seen the video, you know my plight. I’m starving (attention-seeking) blogger who needs more food (attention). You can donate more food (votes) by clicking on the big, blue Vote for me here! on the right column.

If you’re not directed to the page when you click the link, then go here. Click on Best What-The-Hell category on the left column, and look for Mr. Toilet Seat. I’m the 4th contestant on the list.

Do the right thing, vote for me and spread the word. Vote for me daily until 3rd July and you’ll get a chance to win prizes. It’s a win-win situation.


P.S. I did not steal the bathtub. And yes, that’s the same bathtub in the header picture.

3 thoughts on “Rally Video for SBA 2011

    • Thanks, Daniel! I’ve checked out your blog and saw your rally video for SBA 2011. You’ve got great passion for blogging and for food. All the best for you too!

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