I was mindlessly going through Facebook when one of my friend initiated the Facebook Chat.

Talking about Facebook, what’s up with all those changes? Since I joined in November 2006, I think I lived through 100 to 300 changes within 3 years. That’s a lot change for a social networking site.

It’s like watching a person going under the knife numerous times.

The new Facebook site is just horrendous. Please, just… go back to the old design. It was working fine and was so simple to use and easy to navigate.

Anyway, back to the Facebook Chat.

My friend said a quick hello and told me to check out this awesome site.

Since my friend is a technie wizz and always introduce me to all these cool sites that I’ve never heard before, I decided to check out his newest “find”.

And it was awesome. And addictive.

This is the website:


(Picture taken from Lowpitchblog!)

It is essentially like Guitar Hero, on your PC/laptop.

How fucking awesome is that?

The site has been out since mid-2009 but the first stable version has been out in November 2009. So it is still a relatively new site.

Or maybe I’m just a hermit.

But boy, when I discovered it, it’s like my first time discovering the high of ahem, cough, you want some?… the first time.

Moving on.

This is the wiki explaining more about JamLegend.

I think there are about 690 over songs. I have been playing a lot and most of the songs I have encountered are alternative, rock or metal. But with the wide range of songs, I’m sure there will be some that fit your genre.


You can upload your own song into your song library and play it on JamLegend. Of course, in order to upload your songs, you’ll need to sign up and signing up is free. Basic membership, that is.

I uploaded Lily Allen’s Fuck You.


And if you are an up-or-coming artist or band, you can create a profile for your band (like MySpace long time ago) and upload your songs. In that way, you can introduce your songs to the Internet and your fans in a fun, interactive way with free (somewhat) publicity.

What I like about JamLegend is that beside letting me destroy some riffs, I get to listen to songs by new artists or bands. And they are awesome songs.

My first song I encountered was this:

Yeah, a Lady Gaga remix.

Second song I encountered was this. Actually, this band is rather awesome.

The quality is rather crappy. Below is a video with better quality:

That is JamLegend. The guy is playing at Legendary difficulty level, without the strumming part. Yep, you can strum too. Just hit the “Enter” button repeatedly.

Another song I came across in JamLegend:

Frankly, I prefer her to Taylor Swift.

And another song I played on JamLegend. The guy gives a short explanation on how to play JamLegend at the beginning:

The song would have been better if he didn’t miss any notes. But at least he still can kick my ass anytime.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up and go play JamLegend. Just don’t blame me when you get sidetrack from your schoolwork or develop carpal tunnel syndrome.

Before you sign up, become my managed talents.

That way, I get to earn a percentage of every XP you get. Just like a true music manager.

Fuck, now I’m going to be behind my readings for the reading challenge.

Fuck me.

Oh, fuck it.


JamLegend Help (FAQ)

JamLegend Blog

About JamLegend

P.S. I don’t work for JamLegend and I am not advertising for them.

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