Changed the Theme…. again.

I changed the theme and layout of my blog again.

The last time I did it was in August.

I changed it because I was becoming more and more frustrated with the layout of the pictures and text and how everything always became jumbled up after I publish a post.

So I thought that by changing the theme and layout, maybe everything would be okay.

How fucking wrong I was.

Everything was still the same.

So I painstakingly went through all my posts, edited, rechecked, reedit and republish them. The results was oookayyy.

In short, it was not what I wanted but at least it was a slight improvement from the previous layout.

I’m not a big fan of white background because I feel that its too blinding and after a while of reading black text on white, it’s like frying your eyeballs. Hence that was the reason why I had a black layout previously.

I wanted a black layout but after trawling through the options WordPress provided, I could find any black layout that suited my fancy. This layout suited my liking for simple, easy designs so I went with this. Besides, the fonts are bigger than the previous layout, so it makes for easier readings.

I edited most of my posts since the original font comes in gray colour. Gray on white = hard to read words. So now all fonts are in the boring, default black.

Except for the November posts, the first December post and the student protest post, they are still in the gray fonts. I didn’t want to do any editing to those posts because of three reasons:

1) They are one of my great posts. Let’s say I had a lot of blog-spriation during the month of November. They are my magnum opus for now.

2) If during the process of reediting, the layout becomes fucked up and irreparable, I don’t think I can ever forgive myself.

3) They are fine as it is.

This blog is now up and running and I’ll be sticking to this layout for now.

Until the next, better layout (preferably with a black background) comes along.

Or if somebody with the technical know-how is willing to design my blog for free.


This is trance.

No, it is not Christian trance, although the lyrics may sound like it.

But the meaning behind the lyrics does not refers to Christianity.

I found this song when I was looking for the MV for 3OH!3 song Starstrukk featuring Katy Perry. So when I found the MV on Youtube, I opened up the link and waited for the video to load.

Wait…. the song doesn’t sounds right.

Besides, the lyrics didn’t matched the mouth movements of the singers. And where was Katy Perry’s voice?

Then I saw a disclaimer in the information box that the soundtrack had been taken down due to copyright violations.

And another song was put up in place.

So after my initial annoyance that I didn’t get to hear Katy Perry’s voice, I got hooked onto new song and started searching for the song’s name and the artist’s name.

Fortunately, some good soul left the song information the comments section. So I entered the song info into Youtube Search and hey presto! got the song.

I was hooked.

I played the song again and again.

It is awesome, in a different way.

For your info, 009 Sound System is the artist’s name.

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