↑ About Me

There used to be a looooong essay here. But I decided to condense it into bullet points when I had to update this section. So here’s some bite-size facts about me.

A rundown of Zareth

  • Lived in multiple countries
  • Can only speak and write fluently in one language though. Take a wild stab at what language it is
  • Apparently has a very funny accent
  • Often mistaken for a Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai, or Malay. Occasionally get asked by waiters if he can eat pork. (He can)
  • Is a Singaporean of Chinese ethnicity
  • Apparently doesn’t look like a typical Singaporean Chinese. Still has no idea how the heck a typical Singaporean Chinese guy looks like
  • Is one of those rare Chinese dude that can grow a beard
  • Was a tyrannical dictator during his time as a student society president. Was not bearded at that point
  • Used to have two pet rats called Pan (short for Pantalaimon) and Bentley
  • Has severe hearing loss and gets to wear kickass hearing aids
  • Has no idea how to use sign language
  • Is in the ad industry
  • Does not drink whisky 24/7 or hang around good-looking people. Let’s put it this way, the ad industry lied


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