5 people covering a song on 1 guitar. And Headstock Guy’s suffering.

Title says it all.

Just imagine the amount of coordination, practice and teamwork put into this song just to get the rhythm and timing right. There’s enough problems with 1 person playing a guitar. Imagine 5 people playing the same guitar at the same time. You can see the stress on their faces. I bet the only thing going through their mind is: “Don’t screw up, please don’t screw it up, don’t screw up, please don’t screw it up.”

The guy in the middle looks extra constipated from the stress overload. Perhaps that’s what all the wailing about.

Except the guy on the far right. He has the most ‘screw-this-shit’ face ever.

“Go ahead. Play all the awesome parts while I just stand here and hold the headstock. No, no, I’m fine. Seriously. I’ll just strum a few strings and blare out the chorus at the end. It’s all about teamwork and personal sacrifice after all. Go team!”

This is what the band [wants to] hears.

In private, this is probably going through his mind: “Those bastards, I’ll show them who’s boss. I’ll move my arm!” Even then, Headstock Guy is not even holding the headstock. He’s just supporting it. So in short, he’s a glorified musical stand. Poor guy. No wonder he’s so pissed.

In fact, Headstock Guy has to most expressive face every. And each facial expression chronicles his emotional and mental turmoil.

Ladies and Gentleman, I present you the behind-the-scene story:

Head-on Against the Turmoil: A Picture Story of Headstock Guy’s Breakdown

20 years in music academy and this is what my career has come to. A human musical stand.


Can life get any worse?


Must not cry. Must carry on for band. The show must go on.


Dammnit! Compose yourself!


Come on! Get a grip on yourself!


Focus. Focus. Control that quivering lip.


No tears. No tears, dammit. Not now.


Sniff. Sniffle.




This is it. My life is no more.




Nevertheless, it’s a breathtaking performance. So sit back and enjoy the video. If you don’t watch it, Headstock Guy cries himself to sleep.



P.S.: I wrote a shorter version of this post for my society’s blog. Click here to read it.

P.S.S: I’ve disappeared for 3 months (exams, laziness, burnout, and travelling around a country) and there’s a backlog of stuff I have to write, edit and post. So this blog is alive, yet again.


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