Tweeting the Blogfather of Singapore

I was observing and monitoring mrbrown’s activities on his blog when I saw that he blogged about his imminent arrival in Sydney.

The Blogfather of Singapore is coming to Sydney.

My town, my area, my territory.

The official reason stated that mrbrown is coming to Sydney is because he’s attending two events: Vivid Sydney and the SPARC International Lightning Event 2011.

But I’m sure this is all just a front for other ‘activities’ for him to consort with his fellow associates (i.e. eating and eating). One can never be too suspicious.

After recovering from the initial adrenaline rush that mrbrown is coming to Sydney, I started preparing for my mission. I went to my battered Macbook and typed in the following:

Debriefing on identifying mrbrown’s locations in Sydney, NSW

Selected point man: Zareth

Target: mrbrown.

Target’s last known location: Onboard an unknown flight, heading towards Kingsford Airport, Sydney.

Mission goal: To locate mrbrown in Sydney and get a photo together with him.

Current status: Incomplete

Method: Inconclusive. Pending further notifications from point man.

The debriefing may seem short but that’s because I’ve just started compiling a case file given the short time notice.  I must admit, I got stumped at the methodology of following and locating mrbrown in Sydney. So I methodically went through my options for locating mrbrown in the most efficient manner.

Facebook? I searched for mrbrown using his blog moniker ‘mrbrown’ and his real name. Search results turned out to be inconclusive.

Foursquare? No, I don’t really fancy revealing my positions on Foursquare. Besides, I’m not sure if mrbrown has a Foursquare account.

Following him through his blog? No, it won’t do. I need instant updates on his location.

This left me with one option:












Goddamn it.

Twitter was the only way I could follow and track mrbrown’s every movement instantaneously. However, I have a love-hate relationship with Twitter. Actually, take that back. I never had a relationship with Twitter.

I desperately scrawled through mrbrown’s blog for other means that he can be tracked but it proved futile. Twitter was the only way. I was going to have to break my Twitter virginity.

I let out a frustrated sigh but it had to be done. So I signed up and became part of the massive crowd’s chirping:

Now that I became part of Twitter, I decided to issue a challenge to the Blogfather, also known as the Bak Chor Mee man. It was the honourable thing to do. To creep up behind a man was the coward’s way of doing things. I had to let the Blogfather be aware that I was tracking his movements. So I sent out my very first tweet:

He did received my tweet. I made sure of it.

Now that the challenge have been issued, the preparations have been completed, I can lie low and wait. Yet, I still feel a sense of restless dread, like someone else is in hot pursuit of me, and I have become the fugitive instead of the pursuer, fleeing for my very life. And I have no idea who that someone is…














This has become my favourite song to relax to. My brother introduced this song to me when I was convalescing after a failed mission.


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