Housemates Pee On Toilet Seats

Before I like to proceed further with this blog post, I would like to clarify that my housemates do not pee on toilet seats.

It is extremely important that you get this into your brain: my housemates DO NOT pee on toilet seats.

I have to clarify this or else I end up getting tortured and butchered. (Figure of speech, people).

In any case, I’m usually the one peeing on the toilet seat because they always have to leave the toilet seat down. WHY? 

Anyway, this post is not about me or my housemates or toilet seats. I’ve already written a post concerning that.

This post is about the search terms that lead people to my blog.

You see, every now and then, when I’m tinkering around with my blog (heh, heh, tinkering around … never mind), my attention gets captured by very, very, weird search terms. I’ve written two posts about weird search terms here and here.

So today, I was doing some very minor updates on my blog when this caught my eye:

I guess my blog came up because I had a post containing the words toilet seats, housemates and pee

The deadly tripartite.

After chuckling to myself, I was curious how popular my blog was on Google (yeah, narcissistic  personality). So I typed in the search term word for word and this was what I got:

Click on the picture to see the bigger version.

I came in no. 6. Top three spots were reserved for housemates who actually peed (or pee-ed?) on the toilet seats. The fourth was about a guy’s frustration with his female housemates who could not bother to dispose their used sanitary products in the proper procedure. The fifth was tips on how to piss off your housemates.

Yep, I clicked on all five. Don’t worry, it’s SFW (Safe For Work) and SFL (Safe For Life). Compared to the rest of the internets, it’s pretty minor. It doesn’t contain anything that will get you fired or that will make you an outcast for life. So go ahead and click on them. Trust me.

Before I end this post, Mr. Toilet Seat would like to share some words with us:

LOL. Talk about toilet humour.


If you’re offended by the mild, toilet humour on this post, here’s a music video to sooth you. After all the shit that happened between us, we’re still friends, no? 

FYI, the title of the song is “Friendship” or “Friends”. Classic song.

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