Does This Makes Me an Art Critic?

I finished my last exam paper on Tuesday. It was a Philosophy paper and surprisingly, it was not that difficult as I thought it would be.

So this semester is sort of done for me.

Bring on the alcohol!

Since I was bored, I decided to draw another random painting and this time, add my own criticism! Who says one semester of Art History does not pay off?


A Self Portrait… of Myself.

Dimensions: 800 x 600

Multimedia Art

Zareth Lim

This painting is developed in the style of Zarethism, a fusion blend of Neo-Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art using the medium of Multimedia and Graphic Designing (i.e. MS Paint).

The central figure in a Christ-like position alludes to the persecution of today’s youth while the lack of colour within the figure’s body points to the lack of identity and belonging.

At the same time, the smiling Pacman on the figure’s T-shirt is a representative on the entrenchment of pop culture in today’s youth’s mindset.

The lines of the painting is broken up by two cartoon characters on the left and right and by the floating texts. These broken lines serves as a discordant effect, disrupting the unity of the painting and serving as a metaphor for the mindless hivemind exhibited by the Baby Boomers and Generation X, Y and Z.

The use of bright colours has two uses: it brings out the stark contrast of the white background, creating a lively but yet empty atmosphere and the bright, shocking colours refers to the prevalent shock culture used by today’s media and youth.

As a whole, this painting serves as a metaphor for the challenges faced by the current generation: identity and belonging in an ever-changing world.


I have too much time on my hands.

Going to practice my skateboarding now.

Here’s some uplifting song after the depression criticism of my own painting:

Now go do something productive with your life, you mindless, hiveminded youth.

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