I haven’t been blogging for a long, long, long time.

Been busy.

Very busy.

This is not a proper post. It is more of a filler.

Will promise to update more. Later.

Now, on to the topic at hand and why this entry’s title is called “OI!”.

That word is not some Spanish or Italian greeting. It’s an onomatopoeia. Its nearest equivalent is “Hey!”, but said in a tone of annoyance and/or surprise.

The reason why I called this entry “OI!” is simple.

I was eating cup noodles, plowing through research for my Art History essay on Surrealism when I decided to check out Ranga’s blog. Since that guy quit his job, he has been happily bumming around, and which means he has a lot of time to update his blog with random rants. Something that he does on a near daily basis now.

So I was reading one of his entries when I came across this:

Nah beh, KNNCCB.

I never abandon my terrapins, okay! And it’s terrapins! Not tortoises! They are two different species. They are not mutually inclusive!

I set them free! Like the movie, Free Willy, I set them free! I released them into a lake, which was filled with other terrapins! They had friends!

I did that because my tank was too small to accommodate three large terrapins! And it’s akin to torture if I continue to keep them!

I’m innocent!

Okay, enough shouting.

I made my point.

At least I’m not like Ranga, who made a porn video based on his two rabbits and posted it onto Youtube. That pervert.


Talking about Free Willy, here’s the soundtrack:

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