Search Terms

Was checking out my blog stats when this caught my eye:

I understand the first search term. People want to know if 009 Sound System is a Christian band. Well, it does seems like a Christian band because of all the songs’ titles, for example: Trinity, With A Spirit and Speak to Angels.

First, 009 Sound System is not a band. It is a solo pop experimental project produced by Alexander Perls.

Second, it is not a Christian project. While these few songs’ titles and lyrics may allude to Christianity, in my opinion, I don’t think it is a Christian project. The songs, I think, are more about spirituality.

More info can be found here, here, here and here.

Yes, I’m going to be an a-hole and make you click on those links. No, there are no malware or viruses and it is not some kooky websites. I found them on Google.

That matter aside, who the hell types in behaved awkwardly? And why is my blog linked to that search term? I don’t remember writing any post on awkward behaviours.

Oh, wait… it was about my awkward behaviours.

But still, that term raises so many questions. Was it a guy or girl who typed in this search term? Why did he/she do that? Did he/she fucked up some date? Or did their dates fucked it up? Did the condom break during sex? Or did they just wanted to see people behaving awkwardly on Youtube? If not, then what?

Geez… this is driving me insane. I’m going to type that in Google

Oh… fuck.

I feel so fucking bad.

Just click here and scroll down to the middle till you see my blog’s site.

Fuck me.

Moving back to the topic at hand.

I like looking at my blog stats because every time when I look at the Search Engine Term section to see how people find my blog through their search terms, I get a lot of hilarious results:

I know dude, last time the police shaved your head in the public if you get caught having long hair. But you know what? They still do that. It’s called National Service, or military service. Suck it up, I went through that too.

I don’t remember writing about Singapore hunks. That person must have been very disappointed when he/she came across my blog.

Yes I agree, Singapore can be boring sometimes. But you know, you just need to learn how to do the same shit in 1001 different ways. Use your brain, man.

I have a very strong feeling that the person behind this search term is a guy. I think this guy is wondering why a girl is not accepting his friend request. Or maybe he’s hoping some girls will send him a friend request?

Sorry buddy, I don’t have any trick and tips on how to get girls to accept your request or how to get girls to friend you on Facebook. So I’m sorry if you stumbled on my post on how NOT to accept a girl’s friend request.

Sorry buddy. Tough luck.

I feel you brother. I feel you. If it is any consolation, at least your hair will grow back.

What. The. Fuck.

I don’t know what exactly this person is trying to look for. But no, I don’t share the same gift with you. If by gift you meant talent, then I don’t know what talent you’re talking about.

But, it better be some good talent. I don’t want to find that I share some fucked up talent with you.

Wait, I don’t have any fucked up talent.

I’m serious… wait don’t go!

Trust me!

Come back!

Oh you bloody…


I came across this song when I watching Wong Fu Production trailer for “The Sleep Shift” about two years ago. Wong Fu Productions are also the guys who produced the short film “Yellow Fever”.

Anyway, this is the song:

It’s a great song.

Another song I found while typing in my own random search term in Youtube about a few months back (I think it was along the lines of “Bear vs. Lion”) and I got this music video:

This is not the official music video. Some guy took a video clip and added the song. That guy did a bang-up job.

My eyes sweated when I saw this.

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