Where did it go?

It’s 31 August 2009.


Where did the rest of the days go?

What happened? Was I stoning?

In five hours and ten minutes it’ll be September 1st.

Dude… I haven’t even started my reading list.

2 months in Sydney, approaching 6 weeks in school.

Crap…. reading list man. My reading list.

Wow, I can’t really believe that.

4 assignments due on Week 9! How fucked am I?

Was it that long since I left Singapore?

I lead a fucking, crappy, pathetic life.

Where did the days go?

Up yours.

The only thing keeping my head above is the timetable plans that took me five hours to create. So far, I have not procrastinate on it yet. That is quite a major achievement. I’ll probably last for the next 4 days before going back to my lazy routine. Or will I?

I think I can do it.

I think I can.

I think I can.

Power of the mind…

It’s already 31 August, 2009.


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