Hello World. A blogger makes a blip in the radar.

First time using WordPress. I’m trying to get a hang of the layout, format and the tabs and the dashboard.

The Dashboard. Sigh…

It has more tabs, links and boxes than my brain can process right now. I tried going through everything but I’m making very slow progress and I’m not in the mood to painstakingly learn them at the moment. Its currently 1:45am my time and I want to sleep, or just read a book.

As if my life is not complicated enough by Facebook. That site keep changing 3, wait, 4 times in a row (I can’t remember) ever since I join in 2006. Yeah, 2006. It seems so long ago. I really miss those good ol’ days of Facebook.

I’m thinking of joining Twitter too but with the 140 words limit and me having to pay a charge just to post, I’ll think I sit out and wait.  You can’t expect a low-paid young guy to pay a few cents just to make his thoughts known. I mean, every cent counts now in the current economy climate.

I’m also thinking about setting up a Live Qik Video account and a Tumblr account, a Flickr account, a FriendFeed account and a blip.fm account (whatever that is). But… one thing at a time.

I admit I’m not much of a tech geek. I was kind of influenced by a blogger: Mr Brown and his blog. When I saw all those accounts he had (Qik Video, Tumblr, Flickr and FriendFeed and blip.fm), I wanted them too! Whatever they are, however they work,  I wanted them right now!

But… a deep chasm separate us.

Mr Brown is a full-time blogger. Not only that, he is a technopile and a geek (he stated that in his blog). Me? I blogged once and that was four or five years ago and I only kept my blog updated for one week before I deleted it. Mr Brown has kept his blog going on since 1997.

But I shall not compare myself to him. The gap is too big. Instead, I’ll painstakingly learn to use WordPress and master it before I master the others. Yes, I admit, I’m a bit of a slow coach when it comes to certain things technological, but in no way am I a rock. I can play catch-up if I want to.

So, why am I blogging after all these years? I’m not very sure myself but one thing I do know is that is getting hard to write notes on Facebook when you’re constrained to word limits and when you can’t organize the layout. Furthermore, I’ll like to share the inane stuffs that I always felt the urge to write but had no outlet to. As I said before, it was getting hard to write notes in Facebook.

And since blogging is so established now, at least I can get tips, helps and ideas from more established bloggers as compared to the beginning. Of course, the drawbacks are that there are many, many more bloggers out there competing for attention and blog sites are slightly more complex now, but who’s complaining? Just gotta work harder and write better.

But I’m going to take it easy first. No use beating myself over a failed first attempt.

So this blog is sort of a personal dairy where I channel that journalistic and writing and poetry streak in me. As you can see, my first post and I’m already rambling on and on.

I know my blog seems unorganized and empty, well that’s because its obvious that I’m still trying and testing my blog. In time, my blog will take an unorganized and messy look. So try and enjoy the empty look for now and kudos to my friend who helped me think up of the blog’s name. But I digress…

So, hello world.

2 thoughts on “Hello World. A blogger makes a blip in the radar.

  1. I can’t believe you’re in Sydney! Who’s gonna participate in the 24 Hour Playwriting Contest this year with me man? Haha!

    Good luck and lots of success man!

    • Hahaha, I wish I could join the contest too! Marina Barge/Barrage, whatever. I haven’t been to that place so it would be pretty cool to go there.

      Take pictures and update me. Say hello to Christopher and Wanni for me if they are there again. Oh, and say hello to that girl, Elizabeth? to me if she’s there too.

      Good luck and have fun!

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